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Imagine life is a path…

On your left hand there are oceans and on your right hand there are mountains…

Oceans, occasionally with waves which you must swim through, to get to the shore – Mountains, steep and threatening which you have to climb along your way.

But, all of this is worth it because these paths lead you to HIM!

That one and only person who brought the sunshine on your path… oceans now becalmed and mountains now lush valley’s.

It is him who holds your hand and frees you from the water and it is him who provides the strength to help you climb those hills.

That special soulmate of yours is the ONE with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life and together walk that path to eternity…

Greece, a fabled land of mountains and oceans, where for millennia the Greek people believed that 12 Gods would watch from their lofty perch high atop Mount Olympus….

It was here their mighty leader, Zeus and his wife was Hera were forever bound together in perfect love, but they too had a path to follow…

Zeus would tear apart the mighty mountains to be reunited with his beloved Hera, whereupon she would heal his wounded hands and soothe his bruised body with the cooling clear pure water from the oceans.

In Greek mythology, Hera was the Goddess of marriage, love and life! She is also a goddess of the stars that twinkle in the night sky…

Can you see yourself in her sharing your dreams with your own precious Zeus?

Welcome to Hera’s Weddings!

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Careful and detailed planning to accomplish nothing less than perfection.

This is exactly what we will be doing together. Here professionalism must be personalized when it comes to the most Special moment of your new life together.

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You might consider having a bachelor party or a hen do.

You might wish to organize a special event the night before your wedding or even the day after, let’s discuss this together!